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Windsor Girls School – 20th January 2016

I have given two talks at Windsor Girls School to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation. Feedback below:

On behalf of Windsor Girls’ School I would like to thank you for your talk. Although it is a thought provoking subject the girls really responded to your personal experience and I was very pleased that so many of them took the time to talk to you afterwards.

I have had very positive feedback from staff who also found the talk inspirational and something to really think about. The parents amongst staff were particularly touched.

A few responses included: “She was such an inspirational lady”, “It was a really good talk and made me think about organ donation more carefully” and “I will definitely go onto iTunes to listen to Georgia’s song”
One particular group are keen to have one of our Mufti Days allocated to raising money for your charity.
Eimear O’Carroll

Deputy Headteacher
Windsor Girls’ School

Georgia Fieldsend Research Award

Channing School in London – 10 September

National Transplant Week

I talked at Channing School in London, raising awareness of the importance of organ donation.

The Royal Free Hospital in London – 8 September 2015

National Transplant Week

I talked at the Royal Free Hospital, raising further awareness. Hopefully this will continue to save more children and adults in memory of our gorgeous, daily missed, beautiful Georgia.


St Johns School in Leatherhead – 5 May 2015

I spoke at St John’s School to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation. Around 700 children and teachers were at the assembly.

Weydon School in Farnham – April 2015

I spoke at Weydon School to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation.  Feedback from Matt Vernon, Assistant Headteacher at Weydon School:

Dear Ilse
Thank you so much for coming to our school and talking to the Year 10s. At breaktime today it was the single topic of conversation amongst all the staff.
Year 11 students have been asking about it all period too as they feel they have missed out. Our Year 10s found the talk challenging, difficult, but ultimately thought-provoking and inspiring.
Thank you again
Matt Venton
Assistant Headteacher
Weydon School

Tring School in Hertfordshire – April 2015

I spoke at Tring Park School to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation.  Feedback from Mrs Bell at Tring Park for the Performing of Arts:

Dear Ilse, How can I put into words what you have done for us all at Tring Park. Your assembly was amazing. The pupils were very moved to hear your story; they will never forget what you said. All have gone home and spoken of it, so that is at least one hundred important conversations that would not have happened otherwise. Your words had such power; your honoured Georgia’s memory. Since you came, there has been a real buzz about our place and we are a pretty energized community already! You have made friends think through and talk about things in ways perhaps they never had. They have really been touched by your family’s courage in the face of such adversity. Given my subject, I know that it can be hard sharing “difficult ideas” with children. I am about to teach the Year Nines about Buddhism and their philosophy on suffering. On Wednesday, what you were able to do is speak about the most profound and most difficult thing with such compassion, love and power. I have no doubt that it has given them a new insight into such matters. I am so pleased that you are able to be with us again for our 6th Form on the 29th of April; as young drivers they have had the option already but this is perhaps something they did not really engage with; they will after Wednesday. Organ donation has always been part of the ethics syllabus in Religious Studies GCSE that Sophie and all her friends studied, but it is not as prominently featured on the curriculum as it should be. Thus what you are doing is so important. Teaching Sophie over the years has been a real privilege. She brings so much vitality and intelligence into both the classroom as well as her performances. She has a really creative spirituality and her song for your daughter just has that shining out of it. I have just seen the video for it on the Facebook page. It is just right; beautiful and poignant. I have met Ellie a few times too and like her energy too. Many thanks for mentioning us on This Morning. You came across really well as a beautiful family with the strongest and most moving of messages. I look forward to welcoming you again; we are gaining so much from getting to know you. Mrs Bell

Women’s Institution Godalming – March 2015

I gave a talk to the lovely ladies from the WI in Godalming to raise awareness of organ donation while telling them about Georgia.

Feedback from WI Godalming: “Dear Ilse. Thank you to you for such a powerful and meaningful presentation made from the heart with such honesty and openess. You were amazing! You could have heard a pin drop in the room!
All our ladies were just in awe of you that you felt able to come along and do that, and although it must have been incredibly hard, I can honestly say that all our members will be behind you 100% and now when we have fund-raising events, it will be more real for them and they will understand where every penny is going to go. Georgia’s Song is lovely and I really hope it achieves what it should . Certainly, we are now able to say that we met Ilse before she became famous!”

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