Georgia’s Poem

Welly boots

This is a short story Ellie Bokor-Ingram wrote about Georgia for her end of year exam. She scored full marks and her teacher told her that it was the best English GCSE piece he had ever read!  Ellie wrote this a few months ago, at the age of 14, and knew Georgia since she was a baby. Georgia absolutely adored Ellie.

Thank you so much for writing and sharing this with us Ellie.

Warmest cuddle from Georgia, love you always x x x

The soft flowing curls of the snow like hair waved in the breeze every summer’s day. When she woke another light bulb sprung to light in another person’s heart. Her touch was the soft rain drops found in only the calmest skies. She skipped outside every morning to find every flower inching to get a glimpse of perfection. Georgia was our world, and our little infinity we had with her was more precious than any sculpture. Every day with her was magical. The way she brought every story book, every person to life was priceless. She would run into my arms every time she saw me, never crying or sulking and each time I lifted her into the sky a gorgeous giggle would emerge from her mouth sending sensations through the dark skies. She was heaven on earth. She was light on the darkest night, the silver lining on every grey cloud. But now she’s gone.​​​​​​​​​ After only three years she was ripped from my heart, from all of our hearts. God felt pain, and with a sword snatched her before her very eyes. When I heard those words come from my mother’s mouth, ‘Georgia’s died,’ my heart shattered into a million pieces and I felt the earth crumble beneath my feet. ​​​​​​​​​​ Why? Why would He do this? Why would God take the only perfect aspect of this world for his own?​​ We sat. For three days. No words spoken. No birds sung. Nothing. Silence like no silence before. How many injustices does this world need? Christmas Day. Christmas Day! Christmas Day sprung out of existence. Why then?​​​​​​​​​​​​ Her funeral marked the end of life itself. Pictures, books, small tiny shoes all places around the Church. All hers. All placed around the jam packed church, everyone wearing colourful clothes, for the brightest life known, on the darkest day yet. My sister and I sang a song we had written, whilst watching family after family, man after man, wall after wall weep for our little glimpse of infinity and perfection. I heard howls from hunched over men, and all the while her two loving, caring, grieving parents danced together, in each other’s arms smiling for the song that turned my heart to stone.​​​​​​​​​​​ That was the day when all walls broke down, all hearts were lost and no sun would ever shine again.

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