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Georgia Sandy Fieldsend is my gorgeous, wonderful and amazing daughter. She has a handsome, lovely and cheeky little brother, Joshua, who will be three in August 2014. Our children are the best thing that happened to my husband, James, and me. There are no words to describe the love you feel when you hold your baby for the first time. And from experience, that unconditional love you feel grows stronger and deeper every day and it just gets better and better. We all want the best for our children, we all want our children to be happy. This is one of the reasons why I decided recently to start hiring out party costumes.

The other reasons are very painful for me to write about but I wish to share a little of my broken heart with you all.

Our beautiful baby girl Georgia, aged only three and a half, collapsed on the beach on Christmas Day 2013, while on a family holiday. I caught her as she fell and not long after she died in my arms.

I experienced every parent’s worst nightmare. I tried to resuscitate Georgia as she was struggling to breathe, and after the longest 30 hours of my life we finally got repatriated and taken to Children’s Intensive Care Unit at King’s College Hospital, London.

On arrival at the hospital, there was nothing that anyone could do to save Georgia, but the staff were exceptional and gave us, family and friends, the time to say goodbye while Georgia was still in the ICU. The autopsy subsequently revealed that Georgia had collapsed from a ruptured aneurysm.

During our time in hospital, James and I made the hardest decision in our lives; we decided to donate our little girl’s organs so that our beloved daughter could save the lives of other children.

To date, Georgia has saved four children and two young men in their early twenties. Six lives saved by my three-year-old girl; my daughter, my world. I am so, so proud of her!

When the time came ‘to let Georgia go’, it was the knowledge that her organs were going to be transplanted to save others, even that very night, that gave me the inner strength to hold her one last time. It was a feeling of strength that I had not experienced before and which I did not know was possible.

The decision to donate was the toughest and most heartbreaking decision I hope I will ever have to make; nevertheless it was undoubtedly the right decision.

I sincerely hope that you will never be faced with such a decision, but if you were I hope you will think of my daughter and the six happy children out there, somewhere, to whom Georgia Sandy Fieldsend gave the greatest gift.

Due to everyone’s generosity, over £6,000 was raised at Georgia’s funeral for the Georgia Sandy Fieldsend Fund, Thomas Cook Ward for Children’s Critical Care Unit at King’s College Hospital.

Since then several fundraising events have been hosted in memory of Georgia and articles have been published to continue raising awareness of organ donation as well as money for Georgia’s charity. In Broadwater Park you will find an engraved memorial bench and several memorial plaques are placed on benches in Georgia and Joshua’s favourite playgrounds, including one at Fishers Farm. Friends have named a star after Georgia Sandy Fieldsend, donated a Japanese cherry tree which is now planted in Wonersh Park and performed a children’s summer disco at Glive while raising funds; all in memory of Georgia. Lots of money has also been raised from wonderful ladies running the Great South Run, a 5k run and the London Marathon. Others have run bake off competitions, and several schools have organised events to support Georgia’s Fund. My current project is releasing ‘Georgia’s Song’ on iTunes and Amazon linked with a powerful YouTube video.

After Joshua was born, I decided to resign from my job as an Air Traffic Controller as I had the fortunate opportunity to stay at home and be with my children. I am so grateful for every day I have spent with my them, especially now.
With Joshua going to school soon, I have been thinking about whether to go back to work, but one night, while thinking about Georgia, this idea hit me.

What would my daughter like? What would she be proud of? How can I raise awareness of organ donating? What can I do to bring more happiness to lots of children and families while continuing to raise money for children who are in need of care and medical treatment?

And then it came to me!

Hiring out character costumes to bring fun and excitement to children’s parties; knowing that parents will see their child’s sparkly eyes and ear-to-ear smile, something that instantly warms your heart!

So this is why I have set up Georgia’s Party Costume Hire:

* You WILL bring so much excitement to your child’s party, making it the best in town while seeing your child’s face light up when they meet their favourite characters!
* Georgia would love, absolutely LOVE, the costumes
* I am still Georgia’s mama and always will be. This company keeps Georgia’s memory alive while she continues to help others through raising awareness
* Joshua can help mama wash the costumes when he is at home
* It has given me more strength to get up every day, not only because Joshua needs me
* Money continues to be raised for the children’s intensive care unit with every costume hired

So hire away!  You are doing a good thing, and if you are happy with our service, please tell your friends. Any feedback is welcome.

Thank you,

Ilse Fieldsend

Georgia and Joshua’s mama always

Here are some newspaper articles about Georgia:

Daily Telegraph – June 2014

Evening Standard – May 2014

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20%-50% of all proceeds will go to the Georgia Sandy Fieldsend Fund, Thomas Cook Ward for Children’s Critical Care Unit at King’s College Hospital. To find out more about this charity see our Georgia Sandy Fieldsend page
One donor can save or transform the lives of up to nine people on the waiting list. Join the Organ Donor Register, share your decision, and save lives. Join now:
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