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By Gerhard Seel, Jean-Pierre Schneider, Daniel Schulthess (eds.)

Ever in view that Aristotle's well-known argument in regards to the sea-battle the following day, there was extensive and arguable dialogue between philosophers even if the reality of statements in regards to the destiny ends up in determinism. Ther e is controversy approximately Aristotle's personal option to the matter, in addition to the perspectives of classical and medieval commentators on Aristotle. Seel's booklet makes an attempt to respond to this query for the Neoplatonist Ammonius (5th-6th century AD). In so doing, he additionally opens up new insights into Neoplatonic notion.

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The translation is R. Sharpies' 1992,34 slightly modified. Future Contingencies: The problem and its possible solutions 31 Step one The overall structure of the first step is the following: (PI) (PII) (C) If A and Β then C Now A and Β Therefore C The first premise states that C follows logically from A and B. This is shown by proving that A and Β are incompatible with the contradictory of C. Let us analyse this in detail. ' If ρ is a variable of future states of affairs, we get: CI (p)(TKC~p) CI can be transformed into C2.

It would not be true, since the motion to which it correlates has 26 Part II: Introduction the other hand, if the future event has present causes that bring it about, it is already decided that it will occur. There is therefore a present fact about the future event. The implication of this is that the present proposition already has a definite truth-value at the present time. Chrysippus' principle (PI), along with the principle of bivalence, has clear deterministic consequences, since the causes in question are, in modern terminology, sufficient causes.

T>12] p. 17»38 Έ π ε ! δέ έατι τά χαθ' Ι χ α α τ ο ν (λέγω δέ μέν καθόλου των π ρ α γ μ ά τ ω ν τά δ έ ϊβ καθόλου μέν δ έπί π λ ε ι ό ν ω ν πέφυχε κ α τ η γ ο ρ ε ΐ α θ α ι , χαθ' Ι χ α α τ ο ν δέ δ μ ή , οίον ά ν θ ρ ω π ο ; μέν των καθόλου, Κ α λ λ ί α ; δέ των καθ' 15 νεαθαι ώ ; των υπάρχει τι καθ' Ι χ α σ τ ο ν , Ιχαβτον), άνάγχη δέ ά π ο φ α ί - « ή μ ή ότέ μέν των κ α θ ό λ ο υ τινί ότέ δέ έάν μέν | χαθόλου άποφαίνηται καθόλου δ τ ι υ π ά ρ χ ε ι τι ή μ ή , Ι β ο ν τ α ι έναντίαι (λέγω δέ έπι άνθρωπο; τοΰ χαθόλου λευκό; — άποφαίνεσθαι αί χαθόλου ουδείς άνθρωπο; λ ε υ κ ό ; ' ) , έπΐ τ ο ΰ 70' άποφάναει; οίον δταν δέ 'πας έπΙ 20 των καθόλου μέν, μ ή καθόλου δ έ , αύται μέν οδχ ε ί β ί ν έ ν α ν τ ί α ι , τά μέντοι δηλούμενα έστιν είναι π ο τ ε έναντία.

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