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Not even Stalin was as powerful in reality as he is portrayed by historians, writers and politicians. 39 Zinoviev is of course not such a rigid determinist as he pretends to be, but part of the polemic which he is conducting is against those voluntarist 'bels esprits' among the dissidents who imagine that changing society is merely a matter of adopting a new party programme or of conducting 32 Role of Literature in Society a certain amount of propaganda. 'All manner of plans and models of the future, programmes and promises play a part in people's lives, but it is a part which has nothing whatever to do with understanding real life, its objective laws and tendencies.

On the same day he gave it up for ever. In the West he drinks only wine, and rarely that. If only Modeste Mussorgsky had followed the same advice! Zinoviev has told me that only exceptionally sanguine people could dispense with vodka, for in the Soviet Union it is needed as a 'confidence-fuel' to make everyone feel that everyone else is their friend. Alexander began his life in the West at Munich University in the faculty of logic. But his teaching there was not a great success on either side. In Europe, from 1979-81, he was becoming a very well-known interpreter of Soviet society and the Soviet system of government.

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