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By Jeffrey Bergen, Susan Montgomery

This extraordinary reference covers subject matters similar to quantum teams, Hopf Galois thought, activities and coactions of Hopf algebras, break and crossed items, and the constitution of cosemisimple Hopf algebras.

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It is also clear that the number (x <8> z) © (у ® z) = max {min [x, z], min [y, z]} is equal to the same value (see again Fig. 13). Analogously, the number (x <8> y) © z = max {min [x, y], z} is equal to z if at least one of the numbers x and у is less than z and is equal to the minimum of the numbers x and у if both x and у exceed z (Fig. 14,a and b). As is seen from the same Fig. 14, the number (x © z) <8> (у © z) = min {max [x, z], max [y, z]} is also equal to the same value. Now to make sure that all the laws of the algebra of sets hold for the n:w unusual algebra of maxima and minima it is sufficient to note that the role of the elements О and I of the algebra of sets is played by the smallest number 0 among all the numbers under consideration and by the greatest number 1 respectively.

For the "algebra of maxima and minima" (Example 3 on page 28) the relation гз coincides with the relation ;>: we assume that two elements x and у of this algebra are connected by the relation x ZD у if the number x is not less than the number у (for instance, we have 1/2 ZD 1/3 and 1 ZD 1 in this case) 1 ). Finally, in the "algebra of least common multiples and greatest common divisors" (Example 4 on page 31) the relation m ZD n means that the number n is a divisor of the number m; for instance, in this case we have 42 ZD 6 while the numbers 42 and 35 are incomparable in this algebra (that is neither of the relations 42 ZD 35 and 42 cz 35 takes place).

Use this principle to form a new inequality from tne inequality in Exercise 8 (d). 53 11. Verify all the properties of the relation ZD for (a) the "algebra of maxima and minima"; (b) the "algebra of least common multiples and greatest common divisors". 12*. Let some sets A and В be such t h a t A zd В. Simplify the following expressions: (a) A + B; (b) AB; (c) A + B\ (d) AB 4. Sets and Propositions. Propositional Algebra Let us come back to the Boolean algebra of sets which plays the most important role in the present book.

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