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In: International symposium on water management and hydraulic engineering, pp. 125–133. 8. Ghidaoui, M. S. and Kolyshkin, A. A. (2001). Stability analysis of velocity profiles in water hammer flows. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 127(6), 499–512. 9. Hariri, K. (2007a). Decreasing of unaccounted for water “UFW” by Geographic Information System “GIS” in Rasht Urban Water System. Technical and Art. J. Civil Engineering Organization of Gilan 38, 3‑7. 10. Hariri, K. (2007b). GIS and water hammer disaster at earthquake in Rasht water pipeline.

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1 Laboratory Model Technical specifications. 05 GN/ m² fluid power P * * fluid force F * * friction loss hf * * W * * ν * m/s Ymax * * q * m³/s pipe length L * m period of motion T * * Surge tank and reservoir elevation difference y * m surge wave velocity C * m/s frequency fluid velocity Max fluctuation flow rate * Laboratory experiments and Field Tests results If liquid density and pipe cross section are constant, the instantaneous velocity is the same in all sections. These rigidity assumptions result in an easy-to-solve ordinary differential equation; however, its application is limited to the analysis of surge.

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