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By Henri Cohen

The current booklet addresses a couple of particular issues in computational quantity concept wherein the writer isn't trying to be exhaustive within the selection of topics. The booklet is geared up as follows. Chapters 1 and a couple of comprise the idea and algorithms referring to Dedekind domain names and relative extensions of quantity fields, and in specific the generalization to the relative case of the around 2 and comparable algorithms. Chapters three, four, and five comprise the idea and entire algorithms bearing on category box concept over quantity fields. The highlights are the algorithms for computing the constitution of (Z_K/m)^*, of ray category teams, and relative equations for Abelian extensions of quantity fields utilizing Kummer concept. Chapters 1 to five shape a homogeneous subject material that are used for a 6 months to at least one 12 months graduate direction in computational quantity concept. the next chapters take care of extra miscellaneous topics. Written by way of an authority with nice useful and instructing adventure within the box, this publication including the author's previous booklet becomes the ordinary and necessary reference at the topic.

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68 0. Preliminaries. 0. Introduction. This is a survey of some aspects of the structure theory of reduc­ I. tive groups over local fields. Since it is mainly intended for "utilizers", the main emphasis will be on statements and examples.

Groupes reductlfs sur un corps local. I, Inst. Hautes E tudes Sci . Publ. Math . 41 ( 1 972), 9. 5-252. 10. C. Chevalley, Seminaire sur Ia classification des groupes de Lie algebriques, Paris, 1 95 6-58. 11. G . Harder, Minkowskische Reduktionstheorie uber Funktionenkorpern, Invent. Math. 7 ( 1 969), 33-54. 12. Barish-Chandra, Harmonic analysis on real reductive groups. I, J. Functional Analysis 1 9 ( 1 975), 1 04-204. 13. S. Helgason , Differential geometry and symmetric spaces, Academic Press, New York, 1 969 .

43 2. The building . . . 2. 1 . Definitions . . . 2. / . 44 .. . . 3. Metric and simplicial decomposition . . . 4. Dynkin diagram ; special and hyperspecial points . 5. / and Ll ; conjugacy classes of special and 46 hyperspecial points . .. .. . . ... . 6. Behaviour under field extensions 2. 7. Example : groups of relative rank 1 .

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