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By Gang Tao

Perceiving a necessity for a scientific and unified figuring out of adaptive keep an eye on thought, electric engineer Tao offers and analyzes universal layout techniques with the purpose of masking the basics and state-of-the-art of the sector. Chapters disguise structures concept, adaptive parameter estimation, adaptive nation suggestions keep watch over, continuous-time version reference adaptive regulate, discrete-time version reference adaptive keep an eye on, oblique adaptive keep watch over, multivariable adaptive keep watch over, and adaptive regulate of platforms with nonlinearities.

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Strict determinism is no longer valid; the development of our universe is decided both by chance and necessity, by random and deterministic causes working together in entropy, evolution, continuity and change. These universal principles — sometimes called syntropic {Fuller 1992) — counteracting decay and destruction (the second law of thermodynamics), will create a new and more flexible world view. Another challenge to positivistic science is the idea that the universe itself is a living phenomenon, irrespective of its organic inhabitants.

Systems analysis can thus be considered an interdisciplinary framework of the common problem-view. An extension of this method, called Anasynthesis, was introduced with the implicit assumption that the more views one can apply to THE EMERGENCE OF HOLISTIC THINKING 43 it, the better a problem can be understood. When using this method, modelling, simulation, gaming, analysis and synthesis are all applied to the development of a system. The method is used iteratively at both the macro and micro levels of large-scale systems.

Born in biology, it is easy to understand that the systems movement has acquired the major part of its terminology from that area when considering terms like autonomy, survival, etc. It is now possible to note how the specific tools in the various areas have emphasized the different stages. The tools for the analysis were par excellence the microscope and the telescope, tools which must be considered to be reductionist promotive. The tools of the emerging systems age are designed to enhance synthesis and have often taken over the function of the classical laboratory.

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