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By Robert W. Cherny

Thrice the Democratic Party’s nominee for president (1896, 1900, and 1908), and Secretary of kingdom lower than Woodrow Wilson, William Jennings Bryan voiced the troubles of many american citizens disregarded of the post-Civil warfare monetary development. during this ebook, Robert W. Cherny lines Bryan’s significant political crusades for a brand new foreign money coverage, prohibition, and women’s suffrage, and opposed to colonialism, monopolies, America’s access into global battle I, and the educating of evolution within the public faculties. Drawing on Bryan’s writings and correspondence, Cherny offers Bryan’s key function within the Democratic Party’s transformation from a proponent of minimum govt to an suggest of energetic govt.

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Members of the community owned and operated every business in Salem except the railroad and the telegraph office. Salem's economy could not claim immunity from national patterns of prosperity and depression, but its small manufacturing concerns produced for a local market and felt less susceptibility to variations in demand than the New England mills that produced cloth, clocks, and other items for Salem stores. When wheat and corn prices fell, however, so did patronage at the shops and stores along Main Street.

Willy's childhood aversion to "improper conduct" developed into life-long commitments. Willy's conversion came at the age of fourteen, when Salem's Cumberland Presbyterian Church held a series of revivals. The Cumberland Presbyterians rejected the doctrine that only a select few were predestined to salvation. " Bryan remained a Presbyterian all his life, but he moved easily from the Cumberland denomination to a mainstream Presbyterian church when he left Salem. Retaining the ecumenicalism of his youth, he felt equally comfortable in other Protestant churches.

Willy disappointed his father when he rejected the Baptist church in favor of the Presbyterians, but no such apostasy marked his choice of political parties. Observing and at times assisting in his father's campaigns, young Willy learned the mechanics of politics and the crucial role of political parties. Nominations for office, he learned, came from conventions that met frequently, before all elections. Convention delegates were chosen in caucuses, held at the lowest level of organizationrural townships or city wards.

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