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By Edna Amir Coffin

This equipped, available advisor to all points of up to date Hebrew grammar offers the elemental constructions of the language. It makes use of at the least really good linguistic terminology to research grammatical different types, words, expressions, and the development of clauses and sentences. Verb and noun tables are supplied in addition to a accomplished index during this necessary educating source and easy-to-use reference software.

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24 Chapter 2: Writing and pronunciation 3. The use of,, and '' as vowels applied in medial as well as in final position. 4. In Hebrew orthography as it eventually became stabilized, all final vowels are represented by letters, with ,, for o and u, '' tor i, ey and ay, and '"for a Cil~~J and e (ii~~~J. DN')i(), but is stiU maintained in the spelling. Vowel marks and other diacritical signs were added later to the Biblical Hebrew text to aid in the pronunciation of the text. 4 With or without vowel signs?

U'U:J. for any presell/ tense ::,·tern Here are some of the nuances conveyed by the use of the present tense: 1. The present moment of the speaker She cannot come to the phone llilli: because she is working. :17\J:J. 1 N'il 2. Ongoing progressive activity She has been sitting and waiting here for hours. 11' N'il 3. Habitual/repetitive action Every day they leave home at seven. 3 D'N:lll' on 01' 'J 4. Completed action resulting in a state The meal is ready. m::m:l nnnNn The context for the above sentence is a process of meal preparation that took place and was completed, and the result is that now it is ready.

N! 1JQ;t + N? + n} : 1'ni"J 1lJ'i ·rJQ~''! Chapler 2: Writing and pronunciation 31 Primary and secondary stress There are two degrees of stress, which are noticeable in such sequences as the ones above: a primary stress, and a secondary stress. 'N nN·l m~. the primary stress still falls on the stressed vowel of onuJret, whereas the secondary stress falls on rna. ln pronouncing the sequence, the secondary stress is less dominant than the first one, but is still audible. Also, note that in a sequence like Nm 01~YJ 1l~ lON u anuir lanu shaMm 'he said hello to us', the secondary stress of tanu normally moves forward, resulting in lanu, to avoid a stress clash with the primary stress of '1mar: uamar lanu shalOm.

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