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By Colin Toffelmire

In A Discourse and check in research of the Prophetic publication of Joel, Colin M. Toffelmire provides a radical research of the textual content of Joel from the viewpoint of Systemic useful Linguistics. whereas conventional explorations of Joel mostly have interaction the ebook from an old or literary standpoint, the following Toffelmire examines syntactic and semantic patterning within the ebook, and builds from there towards an outline of the linguistic sign in and context of state of affairs that those linguistic styles recommend. This paintings additionally showcases the usefulness of discourse research grounded in Systemic practical Linguistics for the research of historic texts.

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Hasan describes channel as either phonic or graphic (referring to the manner in which language is physically encoded), and medium as either spoken or written. , as sound waves or as graphic symbols), and the way in which a text represents its social context. It is then possible to analyze a text not only as “written” or “spoken” but also as “written-as-though-spoken” or “spoken-asthough-written,” which is a very helpful distinction. Hasan ties phonic and spo- 58 59 Leckie-Tarry, Language, 39. This element is particularly important as a rejoinder to van Dijk’s condemnation of mode as an element of discourse context.

Van Dijk, Discourse and Context: A Sociocognitive Approach (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010), 47–49, where he provides a rather inaccurate reading of Leckie-Tarry’s work. Indeed, van Dijk’s entire summary and analysis of the sfl account of context is rather inaccurate, for it engages only a minute portion of the available work on register and context from an sfl perspective, and apparently misunderstands significant portions of even this. 60 Nevertheless, although the written/graphic and spoken/phonic pairings often coincide, it is also possible to have a graphic channel with a spoken medium, so that a text that appears in graphic form has the feel of a spoken dialogue.

Press, 1965], 4). The system of language is not, for Chomsky, an abstract reality arrived at by observing instances of speech, but an innate cognitive feature that enables language in the human animal. For a more recent perspective that remains consonant with Chomsky’s earlier views (though with some modification), see: Ray Jackendoff, Language, Consciousness, Culture: Essays on Mental Structure, Jean Nicod Lectures (Cambridge: mit Press, 2007), 26–28. : The Place of Context in the System and Process of Language,” in Grammar And Discourse Proceedings Of The International Conference On Discourse Analysis, ed.

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