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This teen demographic (15–17-year olds) has been shaped by the processes of neoliberalism with its attention to individualism and consumerism. This investment in the self (within Western capitalism, at least) is firmly based on the notion of personal ‘entitlement’ (Pearce, 2007, p. 168). Consequently, the targeted (ideal) readers of the series have come to expect that as young women they 38 Gender Dilemmas in Children’s Fiction are entitled to have it all – money, mobility, education, and particularly sexual freedom.

106). Apart from Bradford’s examination of inter-racial sexual relations, it would seem that children’s literature criticism is quiet on the topic; furthermore, the issue of race and sexuality is absent in discourses of sexuality, gender, and power as the focus tends to be on white heterosexuality or white homosexuality (see Trites, 2000). This preliminary discussion has attempted to map the contours of the theoretical framework of this book. I have raised some of the key concepts and dilemmas that the following chapters pursue in more detail with their focused examination of examples drawn from contemporary children’s literature and film.

Dan, the sensitive guy, writes love poems, signs off his Instant Messages with ‘Amor omnia vincit! Love conquers all’ (p. 95), and cries into his double scotch on the rocks when he feels rejected by the love of his life, Serena. His desire for Serena is continually frustrated, but by the close of the novel these frustrations can be understood as necessary for ensuring that Dan ends up with his one true love – Vanessa. The strategies of displacement and denial that construct Dan’s character regulate what is an impossible desire – to win the heart of Serena van der Woodsten so that he can reach a state of ease by moving from the disease of lovesickness.

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