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By David L. Washburn

Fabric from the useless Sea Scrolls appears to be like in lots of courses. whereas a lot of the corpus has now seemed within the Discoveries within the Judaean desolate tract sequence, there are nonetheless fragments buried in vague journals and books that may be nearly very unlikely to discover. This e-book identifies the entire passages within the Qumran records that comprise biblical textual content, either within the biblical and non-biblical scrolls. It presents particular bibliographic details, in canonical order, for finding each one passage within the released scrolls and compares every one to the traditional Hebrew and Greek models of the Hebrew Bible, noting either similarities and transformations. it's designed to aid those that are looking to paintings with manuscripts and types to find the unique textual content of the Hebrew Bible. This paintings will attract scholars of Qumran, and either students and nonspecialists attracted to textual feedback of the Hebrew Bible. Paperback variation is obtainable from the Society of Biblical Literature (

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Lev 1:1-7 (NO 4 Q W (4425) c& letters v. 7) Lev I:11 4QpapLXX Levb DID 9: 169 (44120) Extremely fragmentary; of no textual value. 1 4 Q L d (4424) Fragmentary; generally follows MT with a couple of LXX readings and several unique readings. DJD 12:179 The Catalog Reference Scdi L~e&~on Commcnfs Lev 1:13-15 4QExod-Lev' ( 4 4 17) DJD 12:143 9 letters total; of no textual value Lev 1: 17-2: 1 4Q~xod-Lev' ( 4 4 17) DJD 12:143 Extremely Fragmentary; 1 LXX reading and 1 unique. Lev 2:3-5 4QpapLXX Levb DJD 9,169 (4Q 120) Extremely Fragmentary; mostly fo~lowsLXX/MT Lev 23-8?

4) 4Qmez' (4Q154) DJD 6:84 Fragmentary; follows MT Exod13:l-10 (w. 3,4, 10 N/R) 4QphyIe(4Q132) DJD6:57 Of no textual value Exod 13:1-10 4QphyI' (4Q145) DJD 6:77-78 Fragmentary; mostly follows MT. Exod 13:1-16 Murphyl (Mur4) DJD 231-83 Text complete; identical to MT, including paragraph divisions. Exod 13:l-16 (v. 2 N R ) 4QphyIc (4Q130) DJD 6:54 Somewhat fragmentary; mostly follows MT. Exod 13:2-3 IQphyl(lQ13) DJD 1:75 Fragmentary; identical to MT. Exod 13:3-5 4QExode(4Q16) DJD 12:130 A very inconsistent array of variants.

Lev 24:2-23 4QLevb(4424) DJD 12:185186 Mostly follows MT Lev 24:9-14 1I QpaleoLev (1 1Q1) Freedman, Ilmleokv (IIQI) 43. ) (2 letters v. 20; v. 21 NIR) 4Q366 DJD 13:339 Identification uncertain; Lev 25:39-43 follows. Lev 25:7-9 4Q365 DJD 13:296 Fragmentary; textual character fluctuates. l Lev 25: 13 11QMelch (1 1413) 2 van der Woude, [ 11'7 n 1 ~ 3 O n 14~358 Identical to MT. Lev 25:14 4427 1 DJD 18:175 NIL) for MT YN; 1n'W for MT 1YTU; otherwise follows MT. 46 A Catalog of Biblrcal Passages in the Dead Sea Scrolls Reference Scroll Locohohon Comments Lev 25:28-29 4 Q L d (4424) DJD 12:186 Fragmentary; identical to MT.

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